Celebrating Generosity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership calls forth a spirit of generosity and care in all of us. Inclusive Leadership gatherings are possible because of the community spirit of many wonderful volunteers and the generous donations by individuals and organizations. It is always amazing how our “stone soup” approach – where everyone contributes what they can, both financially and as gifts such as skills, experience, time – comes together to create a nurturing, engaging community event.

We would like to acknowledge all the many contributions – big and small – that allow us to host such empowering gatherings where each of us is supported in being a leader in creating welcoming, safe spaces for everyone in our community.

One such organization that made a generous donation to our fall 2018 gathering is the BC Rehabilitation Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is: to work toward a British Columbia that is inclusive and accessible to all people … so that all people — regardless of their physical capabilities — can thrive, participate and contribute in their communities.

Inclusive Leadership honors the same important goal with our vision of embracing diversity in all living being as gifts that enrich our world. Through following the Inclusive Leadership Building Bridges steps as we plan an event, we endeavor to bring together a cross-section of people who reflect the diversity of residents found in every community. The $500 donation from BC Rehab provided sponsorships or partial sponsorships to 5 participants who live with disabilities to attend our fall ILC Gathering.

Even though it is a short 1 to 3-day event, those who attend experience the richness of gathering with a diverse group of people.

“What happens at Inclusive Leadership as 50 or 60 strangers of all ages, all abilities, various ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds come together is a miracle.” (Tara Jordan, Youth 4 Diversity Coordinator, Campbell River, BC)

“Inclusive Leadership perfectly brings alive the abstract notion of interconnectedness, that in the midst of our magnificent diversity we human beings form one human family which is embedded into a bigger framework, the sacred community of life.” (Michael Slaby, Earth Charter Youth Coordinator, Germany)

Inclusive Leadership acknowledges the efforts of BC Rehab to support people living with physical challenges to lead independent, empowering lives! We thank them for their generous support of our September 2018 fall gathering! Way to go BC Rehab!

And a big shout of thanks to all our wonderful members and supporters for your spirit of generosity and inclusion! May we continue to share our gifts and what resources we can to make our communities welcoming spaces for all!