Walk of the Nations to the One World Festival

It is no accident that the seeds of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative were planted in the Cowichan Valley, a rural community on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

The Cowichan Valley has gradually become a community that is FULL of Inclusive Leaders:

Ordinary people such as you and me who believe strongly that the magnificent diversity of all living beings are gifts that enrich our communities and the world.

And we have learned to show up for each other.

Social Planning Cowichan’s Cultural Connections Committee sponsored and organized our community’s tenth annual Walk of the Nations that took place on September 22, 2018. 

The Walk of Nations was part of Cowichan Intercultural Society’s annual One World Festival. 

Just look at the hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life who gathered for this amazing day-long demonstration of all the good-will and harmony that we are harvesting in Cowichan – our Warm Land!!!!!

And that is not all: These events are leading up to two more inclusive community building events in the Cowichan Region:


The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative’s Annual Gathering Sept 28 to 30, 2018:

and Cultural Connections’ Q’Shintul Walking Together Supper Sept 28, 2018

And then throughout the year in our beautiful Cowichan Region, there are more, and more individuals and groups organizing more and more opportunities to explore, share, and celebrate the impact of learning to live, learn and lead more inclusively in our diverse communities.

These kinds of events can happen and are happening in small and large communities around the world: All we have to do is begin showing up for each other safely, respectfully, equally and joy-fully.  Together we are transforming our communities by embracing diversity.

What is happening in your community? Please share!