Farm to Table Community Building

Submitted by Linda Hill (Photos by Cathy Gilbert)

Our September 5 Farm to Table fundraiser that took place at Little Zimbabwe Farm in Duncan, BC, Canada was a fast-growing-grassroots event that went from planting to cultivating to blooming to harvesting to cooking the meal in a couple of weeks.

Amy Matamba and I had one quick conversation in which Amy suggested thirty as a good number of people to invite for a traditional Zimbabwe meal and music meet up on their deck. Less than a week later, our Inclusive Leadership fund-raising event was full with thirty-five reservations, and a waiting list long enough to begin planning another fund-raiser.

We all had a fantastic and fun time visiting, singing, and eating together while raising $1000  ($300 for Little Zimbabwe Farm and $700 for Inclusive Leadership sponsorships). Inclusive Leadership Co-op member Lynn Smith summed things up, “It was a wonderful evening – thank you for stepping up and being our example once again!” 

What were we exemplifying? Here are a few ideas:

  • Doing what we love.
  • Turning dreams into reality.
  • Creative connections
  • Organic evolution
  • Putting the fun back into fund-raising
  • Cultivating community
  • How to be singing farmers
  • The art of showing up
  • The art of stepping up
  • Recipes for building life-enriching connections
  • The interconnectedness of farming, food, music and community
  • Inclusive Leadership in action.

Huge thanks and thunderous applause to Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba. It is so amazing what our good friends have accomplished after opening the farm only 4 months ago.  The food prepared by Amy with love was delicious. The music was so beautiful. Hugs and high fives in appreciation for the spirit of generosity that all the warm hearted and passionate people brought to this amazing experience.