Congratulations to New and Experienced Inclusive Leaders in our Global Village

Inclusive Leadership For Our Global Village Online Courses are for educators, service providers, volunteers, students and other leaders and emerging leaders who are champions of inclusion and diversity. Our Spring 2018 course was a rich and enriching world-wide network of adults, youth and young adults who are thinking globally and acting locally to tend and befriend our global village. Participants are engaged in so many ways of Building Bridges toward social and environmental well-being in our diverse communities. Through Participatory Action Education, we learn with each other and we learn from each other while cultivating our Inclusive Leadership skills, awareness and action plans for living, learning, and leading more inclusively in our diverse communities.  The time-commitment is 4 hours per week for 8 to 10 weeks.

Registration is open now for our Fall online offerings at our Inclusive Leadership for Our Global Village Online Course Site. To inspire you to register, here is a chance to meet some of the incredible Inclusive Leaders who contributed so much to our Spring, 2018 Online session.

Alhassan Sesay, founder of the Sierra Leone School Green Club was so pleased to “…be part of the course and meet people from all over the world” that he plans to return in October as a mentor. What a joy to be learning with and learning from this hard-working, award-winning leader! Alhassan is applying his Inclusive Leadership skills to bring together diverse people to “… fight against climate change and make our communities sustainable in the utilization of our natural resources in an environmentally friendly way so that development can reach the least man in society.”Click here to read Alhassan’s blog post on the ILC website.

Kim Bowden-Kerby: American by birth, Baha’i by belief, living overseas since 1979 and in Fiji since 1999, retired nurse, occasional short-story author who blogs about her permaculture farm, the natural environment and cultural customs of folks in her neighborhood. “My dearest wish was to be able to create some spaces for the indigenous Fijians and local Indians in my community to be able to meet together comfortably and to have a good time and to discover more commonalities and ways to work together for the region…..I’m having all kinds of success!   I can hardly believe it!”  Click here to read Kim’s blog.

Paul Atsu: Youth leader, thinker and communication expert in Ghana, Africa with a special focus on Agribusiness/ Agriculture. “This Inclusive Leadership course is a discovery of new ideas about leadership within a wonderful learning process with practical information and questions, meditation, and journaling… Once you know and accept your potential, then you will end up being a quality leader and change maker in your community, city and the world. “ Paul will return to the October course as a mentor. Click here to read the article Paul wrote about his discoveries in the Inclusive Leadership blog.

Stan Daniels: Uncle of two beautiful nieces, member of the Tsqescen community of the Shuswap Nation, BC, Canada who is currently studying Chemical Addictions Counselling. Stan has been an Inclusive Leader since 2005 and participated in this online course as a mentor and co-learner.  “I loved the module on Communicating with Compassion! And, thank you so much for the Anti-Discrimination First Aid Module. It is so easy to get caught up in the emotions of discrimination. Especially when it involves ourselves or people we love or are close to. But as it says in the ABC’s of Anti-Discrimination First Aid, assess what we can do to help, breathe to engage our relaxed nervous system, and communicate with compassion! ”  Click here to read Stan’s most recent Inclusive Leadership blog post

Alan Cundall is another experienced Inclusive Leader and world-traveller who currently works in Ontario, Canada with TRACKS: A program that seeks to bridge Indigenous knowledge and  western Scientific ways of learning about the environment for children. “Anti-discrimination takes courage and compassion for all involved…Often it is an ignorance that keeps someone thinking and acting a certain way. Questioning is best done through actions than words. When you “call someone out” you condemn, but if instead you show kindness to the person being discriminated against, and offer safety, your actions speak louder.”Click here to read Alan’s Inclusive Leadership blog-post about his work with youth

Joanita Babirye is always challenging herself to change the world such as when she founded the Rainbow Smiles Foundation to support young undervalued women in the rural communities of Uganda.  “I am so grateful for this top-notch course that the world needs more of. In my daily endeavours striving for inclusive communities, I have learned to listen to myself and as well be patient with people; to deeply understand what these girls are going through. How about if each and every person in areas such as Uganda undertook a basic course in understanding inclusiveness? Would we learn not to be harsh while connecting with different people? Would this lead to a society where everyone is welcomed?” Click here to read Joanita’s complete blog post.

Chuks Okoriekwe is a lawyer, mediator, and human rights advocate in Nigeria. When he was an undergraduate, Chuks realized, “…that it wasn’t enough to simply sit back in my comfort zone whilst others continue to suffer deprivation. My goal, in taking the‘Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential’Online course, is forming a bond to heal the world of hate, discrimination and violence through love, kindness and affection. I’ve been inspired by our stories about ‘fighting’ discrimination. Communicating our thoughts makes all the difference.I have not only discovered my inclusive leadership potential but also have a vivid idea of an implementation plan.”Click here to read Chuk’s blog post.

April Vance is a graphics facilitator, counsellor and community support worker in BC, Canada. “Inclusive Leadership is growing from fight/flight/freeze struggles to safe/calm/peaceful responses….The art of inclusion applies with all humans no matter gender, practices, age, race, creed or religion….Participating in and practicing Inclusive Leadership provides opportunities to share strengths, and builds a sense of community, new friendships both international and domestic, ideas, and knowledge beyond our own corners of the world.”Click here to read April’s post that she contributed to the Inclusive Leadership blog.

Graham Fielding is an emerging leader in BC, Canada who considers himself to be a life-explorer. Two of Graham’s contributions to the group discussions were, “Making a difference’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘doing something big’.  Even a small kindness helps.” and “Kindness, compassion and inclusion are never ‘wasted effort’, or a ‘bad idea’ — but they come with the inherent requirement that we temper our inclusiveness with good judgement.”

Eben Afful combines Inclusive Leadership with the Earth Charter and Challenges Group Ghana in his volunteer environmental conservation and consultancy (SMEs Development) work in Ghana. “I’m very grateful to this course and every leader here. It has been an awesome experience and helpful being part of a diverse and inclusive community. It’s all because of Inclusive Leadership that there has been reconciliation brought to me and my team here in Ghana. I must say Inclusive Leadership Online is well worth it!” Click here to see a post showing Eben Afful putting his Inclusive Leadership skills and Earth Charter knowledge into action!

Harriet Greenwood from Yorkshire, England has contributed so much to developing, piloting and mentoring our Inclusive Leadership Online courses. Her cause is re-framing the troubling complication of environmental activism with the wonder of diverse complexity and the strength of small changes. She loved how the course connected her with young environmental activists in various countries, and the hope that this brings. One of her passions is making music. Click here to listen to one of her more beautiful compositions dedicated to all Inclusive Leaders in our global village.

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