Friday, Sept 28: De-Stressing the Learning Environment

Welcome to a Pro-D Day focused on the Art of De-Stressing!

De-stressing is to learning environments as de-cluttering is to living environments.

  • The art of de-cluttering creates calmer, happier, healthier places to live.
  • The skills and strategies involved in de-stressing combine together to create calmer, happier, healthier places to learn and grow.

On Friday, Sept 28, 2018, you are invited to join the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative  at Lake Cowichan,Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for a full-day of experiential education in the art of de-stressing diverse learning environments.

(And you are welcome to stay on for 1 or 2 more days Sept 29 and 30 to experience the rest of our annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering for new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds).  Click here for information about the 3 day Inclusive Leadership Gathering). Read below for detailed information about our Sept 28 Professional Development Day focused on the Art of De-stressing Learning Environments.

Our Sept 28 Inclusive Leadership Professional Development Day (and the entire Sept 28 to 30 Inclusive Leadership Gathering) is an All-Inclusive participatory learning opportunity.

  • Our experiential de-stressing education day is for educators and other professionals; volunteers and other community leaders; students and other learners and everyone who cares about diversity and inclusion. You are invited to come on your own and to bring your families, friends, colleagues and students.
  • You will be part of an inclusive and welcoming inter-generational, inter-cultural learning community that brings out the best in each person’s differences. Our diverse backgrounds, identities, life-experiences, abilities and different approaches to learning are all gifts that we have to offer to each other and the wider world.
  • We will learn with each other and from each other in the relaxing and accessible lakeshore learning environment provided at Cowichan Lake Education Centre.
  • The cost of $100 for the day includes materials, supplies, handouts and a delicious lunch.
  • The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative keeps the costs inclusive by running on the spirit of generosity. Everyone who wants to come and can physically travel to this event can come, no matter what our differences in economic circumstances might be.

Click here to go to the registration form to review the fees and decide what you can comfortably afford for your participatory education in a beautiful venue with delicious meals and comfortable accommodation.

Learn through experiential education and shared leadership

Experienced facilitators will involve you in sharing leadership as soon as you arrive. Together we will create an inclusive learning community where everyone can relax and fully engage in developing and practicing Inclusive Leadership Skills and Strategies for:

  • creating relaxed learning environments where everyone can engage with diversity in ways that shift away from anxious, fixed mindsets to resilient and open growth mindsets.
  • communicating with compassion about our diverse ways of being in the world, inclusive diverse learning styles, diverse abilities, diverse life experiences, cultures, orientations, identities, and other backgrounds.
  • standing up for diversity and inclusion by being allies, advocates and active witnesses who are prepared to respond to situations of exclusion with anti-discrimination First Aid.

The outcome of supporting all types of learners (including ourselves) to de-stress about learning is that we create inclusive and welcoming spaces and relationships that are enriched by our diversity.

  • Instead of reacting to learning differences as problems, experience diverse types of learning  and diverse abilities as gifts that enrich the world.
  • Shift away from stress, fatigue and overload toward relaxation, rest, and mindful focus.
  • Develop action plans and confidence for freeing all learners up to experience and practice the four Cs of Calm, Compassion, Curiousity and Creativity.
  • Discover your potential to live, learn, and lead more inclusively in your diverse community.