Connecting Kids: Exploring Diversity Together

Celebrate spring with your own copy of Connecting Kids: Exploring Diversity Together: our classic guide to engaging kids of all ages in collaboratively creating welcoming cultures of inclusion in classrooms, after-school programs and children’s groups of all kinds. Now in it’s fourth printing Connecting Kids is available as a bound printed book or a pdf e-book. All proceeds go to supporting children, youth and families to participate in our Sept 28 to 30, 2018 annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering.

Connecting Kids by Linda Hill makes diversity education with children as easy as Ready, Set, Go. Get ready by selecting a skill. Get set by selecting an activity.

Now GO exploring!

What an enjoyable adventure life can become when children feel safe and respected enough to share their unique gifts, choose how to be and develop Inclusive Leadership skills through co-operative games, creative arts, and outdoor education.

Cost: Bound book is $25.00 plus postage. $15 plus postage for orders of 10 or more. PDF ebook is $5.00 per single user license.

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Here’s a few reviews to inspire you to to purchase this resource.

“Seriously packed with amazing wisdom, resources and activities!” (Kathy Whittam, Education Matters)

An invaluable and practical guidebook for anyone seeking to build community and connections between children of different ages, abilities and cultures…A key resource for anyone seeking to strengthen a circle of friends.” (Inclusive Solutions)

“We are very pleased with this book and its objectives.” (End Youth Violence)

“Recommended for all leaders and teachers. Connecting kids should be in all school library professional collections and all public libraries.” (BC Teachers Federation)

“A bonus for anyone working with children. It is an excellent resource for the classroom and contains may ideas which should be shared with parents.” (Resource Links)

“Demonstrates how to guide children from various backgrounds in exploring and celebrating differences, including culture, lifestyle, religion, and physical ability, to name a few. Lists ways to build an inclusive culture in order to reduce bullying, exclusion, and violence.” (Redleaf Press)

“An informative, inspirational, practical, and thoroughly fun resource manual for everyone involved in guiding children. Works well in day camps.” (American Camping Association)

“We want you to know that we love it! We work with a very diverse population and Connecting Kids always has ideas for effective activities.” (Valerie Mayes, Edmonton Parks and Recreation)

“A unique compendium of games and activities for children that foster connecting skills to bridge differences.”(The Anger Management Counselling Practice)

“An excellent resource for preventing violence by promoting fun in today’s culturally diverse schools and communities.” (Green Teacher)

“A gift, a surprise, and something that enhances our world, and encourages loving relationships – my four most favorite things. I know two other people from our church are using the book at Girl Guides and our Sunday Program.” (Cathy Bone, United Church Minister)

Perfect for teachers, administrators, parents and outdoor educators of children ages 6-14. (Acorn Naturalists)

“Prevent social problems such as exclusion, intolerance and bullying by guiding children to connect in safe ways through the use of cooperative games, creative activities and exploring the wonders of nature.” (Quaker Books)

“Connecting Kids helps children explore and celebrate differences, building acceptance and an inclusive culture that prevents and reduces prejudice and discrimination. “(Tide: Teachers in Development Education)

“Hundreds of games and activities for bringing people together – a chaotic, but cracking resource.”(University of Minnesota Extension Service)

“Cooperative games, creative activities and nature experiences organized according to skills that are especially important for learning to be welcoming and welcomed.”(Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission)

“Games and activities to help children explore differences in culture, language, heritage, religion, physical ability, and lifestyle.” (Norfolk Education and Action for Development)

“Have children of various backgrounds appreciate the benefits of inclusion and teamwork. Its fun and wide-ranging activities (including art, drama, poetry, and cooperative games) aim to develop these skills through demonstration and cooperation… with groups of various sizes (after-school programs, summer camp, etc.)” (Professional Resource Book Review)

“Selected as one of the years best professional resources.This book is a bonus for anyone working with children. It is an excellent resource for the classroom and contains may ideas which should be shared with parents.” (Beverly Fitzpatrick)

“Over 200 fun games and activities that teach social, “connecting” behaviors.” (Book Counter)

“An inspirational, practical and lively book written for adults who want to create an atmosphere that is inclusive, safe and fun for children. “ (The Rhode Island Early Childhood Newsletter)