Looking Back on 2017

January 2017: Members of the Inclusive Co-operative began a year of showing up in our communities on behalf of our dreams for a life-enriching world transformed by embracing diversity.

February 2017: In the first of two community dinners, the ILC, Cowichan Intercultural Society, Arcadian Early Learning Society gathered families together to talk about and celebrate inclusive community building. The kids created a star-lit walk showing steps to inclusion.

March 2017: Participants in our Cultivating Inclusive Leadership weekend began carrying out Action Plans for building inclusive and sustainable communities.

April 2017: Inclusive Leader, Anna Yee Fairweather, was chosen as the key-note-speaker for the Cowichan Region’s Leaders of Tomorrow Awards. Congratulations to Anna, Elliot Scheiber, Sierra Robinson, Stephen Finch, Emma Lentz and so many more Inclusive Leaders!

May, 2017: We celebrated a successful third session of our brand new Inclusive Leadership Online Practice Group: linking Inclusive Leaders around the world through video conferencing!

June 2017:  The ILC welcomed members of the University of Texas, Inter-Cooperative Council to our annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering of Inclusive Leaders and our families and friends.

Summer 2017: Harriet Greenwood in England, Janice Milnerwood in Quebec, Sarah Mathison in Ontario and  Joshua Amponsem in Ghana were some of the faces behind our new online Heart to Heart Cafe; linking Inclusive Leaders from around the world on the first Saturday of each month for compassionate conversations.

September 2017:  Members of the ILC and other new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from around the world piloted our Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village online learning and practicing opportunities:

October 2017: Members and friends of the ILC gathered for our annual visioning meeting! On to more community-based workshops, Inclusive Leadership weekends, online courses, intergenerational mentoring and so many more ways of realizing our vision of Inclusive Leaders around the world transforming communities by embracing diversity.

November 2017: Inclusive Leaders wound up another successful year of workshops in school and communitys settings such as John Scull’s twice-a-week communing with nature sessions, Kix Citton and Katie Sayers Inclusive Team Building workshops, and Jennifer Yee Fairweather’s Diversity Education Sessions for Cowichan Intercultural Society.

December 2017: Throughout the year, Inclusive Leaders responded to bullying, violence, isolation and other forms of exclusion with love and courage. Two local sanctuaries of love and courage supported by Inclusive Leaders in the Cowichan region of Vancouver Island, BC Canada are Cowichan Intercultural Society’s Multicultural Leadership Group and Social Planning Cowichan’s Safe Youth Cowichan Group.