What Happens When Leaders Find the Courage to Ask for Help?

What do you do when someone targets you because of your differences?

What do you do when the price of being ‘popular’ is being pressured into forming cliques and gangs who set up fights with other people who have also been targeted?

What do you do when your friends start using gossip, threats and name-calling to try to make you feel worthless enough, useless enough, and angry enough to hurt other people?

What would happen if you could find the courage to ask your family and community for help?

Youth in the Cowichan Region, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada are finding the courage to ask their families, their school communities, and their wider communities to step up and help.

And in this community we know what to do because we are a community FULL of Inclusive Leaders.

What Do You Do?  is a  2 minute true story. We hope you will share this video with others and read on for more information about what to do about youth against youth violence in the Cowichan Region and in communities everywhere.

The main message of “What Do You Do?”  is that it’s not what you do, It’s What We Do.

What Do WE Do?

What We Do is Called Inclusive Leadership. Youth, Adults, Kids of all ages, cultures,  and other backgrounds can become Inclusive Leaders. All we have to do is start showing up and learning skills for:

  1. Shifting from fighting against differences to connecting with differences
  2. Shifting from violence to non-violent, compassionate communication
  3. Shifting from climbing ladders based on who is most popular to Building Bridges based on equality
  4. Responding to threats, name calling, harassment and fighting with Anti-Discrimination First Aid skills of offering to help and going to get help.

These Inclusive Leadership skills that are easy, fun, and interesting to learn help transform entire communities from places based on fighting differences into places based on respecting and appreciating differences.

For more information contact inclusiveleaders@gmail.com