Inclusive Team Building

Katie Sayers on the left teaching relaxation through yoga poses.

Submitted by Katie Sayers

Did you know that members of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative often facilitate Inclusive Team Building Workshop for work-places and schools? The ILC’s most recent Inclusive Team Building Workshop was with the Cedar Secondary School Student Council, Vancouver Island, BC.

I was the lead facilitator for the first time. In facilitating this workshop, I was absolutely blown away by this next generation of youth leaders; their courage to stand up for inclusion, to expand their boundaries and to open their minds to see our diversity as gifts.

The 4 hour experiential education workshop was held at beautiful, lake-side Bethlehem Retreat Center in Nanaimo BC, Canada. The main goals were addressed through co-operative play, interactive discussions and personal and group reflections.

These goals were:

  • relaxing and opening up to each others differences as gifts
  • shifting exclusion/inclusion dynamics toward more inclusive ways of interacting
  • building an inclusive Student Council where everyone’s input is valued
  • becoming role models for the whole school
  • creating action plans for implementing skills for connecting with differences.

The presence and eagerness to learn was so apparent in this diverse group of 18 vibrant students ranging from eighth to twelfth grade and two support staff.  Here are some of their comments:

  • “I learned how to control my breathing and taking on leadership roles.”
  • How to calm down in a stressful situation and collaborate.”
  • “I learned a lot more how to accept others in my team.”
  • “I enjoyed how friendly everyone was, this was a lovely time…In the future, I hope I could do something like this again. I learned many different skills to use further in life.”
  • “I learned how to interact with people. And learned how to calm myself.”
  • “I enjoyed playing games and doing activities with my fellow student council members, and I learned a lot about team building and leadership. Such as how important it is to support others and encourage them to speak up. I learned that you can’t have a team without being inclusive, but most importantly, I learned a lot about the people on the student council team.”

  • “Thank you for taking the time to teach us these skills!”

By the end of the workshop, the energy of friendship, joy and teamwork was apparent in the room as the group became even more of a cohesive team and empowered to put there skills to action. With a keen desire to contribute to the betterment of the world and be protagonists for social justice, they are willing to be an example in their own selves for celebrating diversity, inclusion, leadership and service; and to share this example and team effort with each other and the community.

There is an amazing potential to transform individuals, teams and classroom settings, we welcome the opportunity to share this workshop with You too!

Please Contact the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative: for information on bringing this workshop and other Inclusive Team Building and Diversity Education Workshops to your workplace, school,organization, or community setting.

We also invite you to check out our our upcoming Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Weekend (Feb 16-18, 2017) or Continuing Education Day, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Friday February 17, 2018. 

Registration will be opening soon as well as for our Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential Online Course being offered again in January 2018.