Thankful Thoughts

Submitted by April Vance

Here is a message of thanks written by Stephanie Cerins and shared with our Inclusive Leadership Online Facebook Group by April Vance.

Stephanie writes:

“Thank you for listening to your thoughts today.”

 “I am going to practice compassionate listening   as best I can today. Even if there is no one else around I can practice listening to my thoughts. The better I can listen to my thoughts the better I will be able to listen to the words of the people I meet. When I listen to my thoughts It enables me to decide if the thought I am thinking is worth thinking about. I practice repeating thoughts that cause in me a feeling of calmness. I give myself and others the gift of compassionate listening today. I am going to stay focused on what the person in front of me is saying. I allow myself to listen with my entire being. When I listen to the person in front of me I feel connected to my heart as well as feeling connected to the other person’s heart. Thank you for listening to your thoughts today. Thank you for sharing your precious time with me. “

A short bio from April Vance: “I am an Adoptive Mom, have been a care provider, support worker since the mid 90’s including individuals in my home for most of that time. I am a retired  Educational Assistant.    I have been signing (ASL) for the last 20 years, I love Deaf Culture and have worked to be a bridge between the Deaf and Hearing Communities.  Inclusive Leadership has been hugely instrumental in my own growth as a woman and global citizen.”