Inclusive Leaders are Local Heroes

“Inclusive Leadership is daring to stand out and be different instead of trying to fit in,” (Randeanna Jack shown with her Dad William Jack in the first photo). For more information about discovering your own Inclusive Leadership potential click here.

Local heroes Lewis and Louise Beck (far left of the 2nd photo) are two people who dare to be different in how they live their daily lives. They will be participating in a Terry Fox run on Sunday, September 17. You can support their efforts to raise funds for cancer research by donating to the Lew and Lou team. 

Jay Huumanen is another Inclusive Leader who is a local hero. In 2014, Jay came to an Inclusive Leadership Gathering. This was one heroic action that was part of his journey away from depression to becoming an Inclusive Leader in his daily life. In 2015, he stepped forward to play the role of Terry Fox in the now famous CBC History Minute.  Read about Jay’s story here.