Yes Let’s End Bullying This Year

Submitted by Linda Hill, ILC Co-ordinator

Calling all staff, students, parents, and volunteers in high schools, elementary schools and places for post-secondary education. Click here and get set to shift yourself, your school community and the world in inclusive and welcoming directions by embracing diversity as strengths. 

This year could be the year you help your school put an end to bullying, rejection and other forms of exclusion.

Individuals and groups of professionals, students and volunteers are invited to sign up for our online course in Discovering Your Inclusive Leadership Potential. Partial and Full Scholarships are available to anyone who faces economic barriers.

You will be guided to create action plans that fit with the goals of Social Studies, Peer Counselling, Social Responsibility, Social Justice, Environmental Justice and other courses. Our stages of change planning process will make sure that you create a plan that is positive, possible and practical for YOU. The outcome will be a more inclusive and welcoming year for you and your school community.

All along the way you will meet amazing Inclusive Leaders from around the world while gaining life-long leadership skills for transforming all the places you live, learn and lead by embracing diversity.