Education for Sustainable Development Workshop at Africa Clean Up Conference 2017

In his workhops in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of the world – Joshua Amponsem teaches the importance of diversity and inclusion for sustaining our beautiful planet. We will be posting an interview with Joshua soon! In the meantime, this post about his workshop is fascinating reading.

Joshua Amponsem

The workshop which was held on the 7th of July, 2017 started with a brief Q&A on the importance of diversity and inclusion. In about 15 minutes the group had given a lot of reasons why diversity is important but only a few people mentioned inclusion. This was good and this formed an integral part of the workshop. It was my objective that by the end of the session, participants will not only appreciate diversity but also understand the need for inclusion.

I projected a slide which talked about diversity and I used my obsession with nature (particularly the ocean) to explain the reason why diversity is not enough until inclusion is established. I said, “When I watch any documentary about the ocean, I get excited and I think you all do – why? Because the ocean gives a lot of beauty – it’s colorful with a lot of…

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