Submitted by Katie Sayers

(Katie is a member of the ILC, a yoga instructor, and our wonderful Communty Relations Networker!)

As we each lead by example in our own lives, I invite us to continue to act with intention as we consider whom we can accompany along a path of service, in building inclusive and vibrant communities.

As Inclusive Leaders, we are the advocates of this world embracing vision.  It is up to us to take action and to share what we know so deeply in our hearts to be such valuable skills, and knowledge.  With an awareness of our own network of family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, and neighbors, we each consider whom we can extend an invitation to participate in building skills for connecting with differences as strengths.

In this space, I invite each of us to consider 1 or 2 people to accompany, and as you explore the rest of the article on accompaniment – keeping this person or people in mind.

What does Accompaniment look like?

Accompaniment is standing “side by side”, supporting and encouraging each other as we build capacity for inclusion; it is working in unity towards a shared vision, encouraging a mode of learning, within ourselves and with each other.

As the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative extends our community out-reach from in person events to now include Online Courses:

We invite all Inclusive Leaders to help us apply this principle of accompaniment by inviting people in your community and in other communities around the world to get involved.

As the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative (ILC) continues to explore and expand on new areas of opportunity, both locally and globally, in person and online, this principle of accompaniment reminds each of us to be mindful in the way in which we extend the circle of Inclusive Leaders. It is how we do, what we do that truly counts.  Being conscious to meet people where they are at, and invite them into a process of inclusive community building, “walking a path of service” together. Sharing diversity awareness and inclusion with a growing network of individuals, groups, and communities, we can learn together.

At each step of the journey, taking into account how, as Inclusive Leaders, we can each honor the unique talents, gifts, and capacities that every being shares in this world embracing vision, of Inclusive Leadership.

In honor of a process that calls for everyone’s participation, we are inspired by the principle of accompaniment that is the foundation of how we share and invite more friends, extending the circle of inclusive leaders wider and wider.

As Inclusive Leaders with first hand experience of the benefits and impact that connecting with differences as strengths has on individuals and communities, we see the need to include more people locally and globally in this knowledge, skill building and action planning that characterizes Inclusive Leadership.

It’s true: the ILC is sustained through the efforts of its volunteers.  As each of us strive to work from the foundation to learn in the company of another, then everyone becomes part of this community-building endeavor, and more friends are invited into the process.  This further enriches the knowledge, learning and skill building for all involved. In foundation areas such as:

  • Connecting with Differences
  • Communicating with Compassion
  • Standing up for Inclusion
  • Building Bridges with and between groups

In this process of accompaniment, we learn how to encourage participation from everyone. In whatever capacity they are able; all being’s contribution is valued.  As Inclusive Leaders, we are each aware of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to build inclusive environments and we have faith in each others unique capacity to develop and exemplify these skills to contribute to enriching lives and communities by embracing diversity as strengths.

We share in the learning as we assist, and support each other along the way.  We practice calm determination, communication, steadfastness and teamwork. And knowing that we are “in this together” allows each of us, as individuals, groups, and communities to feel accompanied, as we in return, accompany each other.

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With enthusiasm and joy we embark on this journey together; meeting the friends who cross our path, where they are at, and inviting participation, capacity building, collaboration and unity along the way; where each contribution is valued as we accompany each other on a path of service.

With this foundation principle of accompaniment in mind, I invite you to assist the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative to expand on the opportunity to interact on a global scale by “thinking globally” and accompanying locally.

In gratitude for our shared leadership,