The ILC Looks Back Over the Year

Co-written by INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP CO-OPERATIVE members and guests during our June 3 Annual General Meeting

The ILC is a non-profit, community service, volunteer-run co-operative with a vision of communities transformed by embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich our world. Our mission is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to nurture and mentor Inclusive Leadership development in ourselves, our communities and our world. Click here for more Information about the ILC.

Here are highlights from June 2016 to June 2017.

Click here for the full 2016 to 2017 Annual Report.

Click here for the ILC Balance Sheet and the ILC Income Statement

During the past year we have grown to over 40 members plus hundreds of participants in weekend events, workshops and online courses. Members are from Vancouver Island and other parts of BC as well as Quebec, Ontario, USA and England. Cick here for information about getting involved.

Our year began in June 2016 with over 75 people attending our Annual Inclusive Leadership Co-operative Gathering and AGM. The weather was hot! We enjoyed swimming, socializing and music as well as workshops and a screening of the What Do You Do? anti-racism video.

In July 2017 we held a visioning session that led to a full year of Inclusive Leadership workshops and partnership projects with a variety of organizations including: universities, municipal governments, non-profit societies and other co-operatives.

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is proud of our mutually supportive relationships with:

The International Earth Charter

The International Co-operative Movement

Two examples are:

(1) we sponsored Joshua Amponsem, Climate Change and Peace Activist from Ghana to participate in an Earth Charter course for young leaders.

(2) ICC Austin, a student housing nonprofit co-operative from the University of Texas sent four representatives to our June 2017 Annual Gathering.

Our Cultivating Inclusive Leadership weekend was held from Feb 24 to 26, 2017. We were full with 40 weekend participants plus 20 Pro-D Day participants from diverse generations, cultures and leadership backgrounds.

We developed and piloted the first of a series of Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village online courses. Our Inclusive Leadership Practice Group sessions averaged ten participants per session during three ten week sessions. Participants were from BC, Quebec, Ontario, USA and England. This is great to see the growth that has happened already and the excitement about some online courses that are in the works.

Another aspect of Inclusive Leadership Online is our ILC website, facebook page and weekly blog posts that appear in both places. Here are some posts to read highlighting Inclusive Leaders taking Action in the world:

Anna Fairweather at the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards

Lynn Smith at Monday Morning Music

Linda McDaniels Standing Up For Inclusion

Linda Hill at Clement’s Centre’s Pink Shirt Day

Cathy Gilbert Organizing Community Dialogues for Kids and Adults 

Linda McDaniels guiding Inclusive Youth Ambassadors in Elementary Schools

Bonnie Robertson Interfaith Bridge-Building

Lindsay Beal De-stressing Learning Environments

We appreciate all the members and participants who have contributed blog posts this year. We encourage more members and participants to contribute.

We are thankful for a grant in aid from Cowichan Valley Regional District that has made it possible to hire Katie Sayers to help us with Community Relations and marketing of Inclusive Leadership workshops, events and on-line courses.

Thank you to all our members who have been so actively volunteering this past year:

ILC Board Members: John Scull, Art Phipps, Lindsay Beal, Kix Citton, Cathy Gilbert and Stephen Levesque

ILC Co-ordinator: Linda Hill

Our very active Inclusive Leadership members who volunteered so much time to ILC in 2016/17: Gillian Berry, Nola Landucci, Emma Lentz, Lillie Lentz, Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba, April Vance, Art Phipps, Bonnie Robertson, Brandy Gallagher, Cathy Gilbert, Christy Tweedy, Donna Sassaman, Georgia Collins, Glaucia Desrochers, Guida Atkinson, Janice Milnerwood, John Scull, Joy Emmanuel, Kix Citton, Linda Hill, Linda McDaniels, Lindsay Beal, Lynn Smith, Melissa Parker, Raj Gill, Rod Keays, Sarah Mathison, Stephen Levesque, Susan Norris, and Tara Jordan

ILC Youth Volunteers: Anna Fairweather, Stephen Finch, Emma Lentz

ILC Co-facilitators: Linda Hill, Art Phipps, Kix Citton, Raj Gill, Linda McDaniels, Lindsay Beal, Joy Emmanuel, Donna Sassaman, Jennifer Yee Fairweather, Rod Keays.

ILC Online Co-Developers and Co-facilitators: Linda Hill, Sarah Mathison, Janice Milnerwood, Harriet Greenwood, Katie Sayers, Lillie Lentz, Rod Keays, John Scull, Raj Gill.

ILC Registrars: Donna Sassaman, Katie Sayers

ILC Book-keeper: Susan Norris.