Children are Leaders of Tomorrow AND Today

Submitted by Anna Fairweather

(Anna was the keynote speaker at the Cowichan Region’s Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Ceremony, , April 27, 2017)

I started volunteering because I love helping others, and I get to spend time with my family. Volunteering is helpful for others. I feel happy because I love helping others.

Anna Fairweather on the left and her Mom, Jennifer Yee Fairweather on the right

Volunteering opens up and allows you to meet different people from other places, like  when I went to Inclusive Leadership. Inclusive Leadership taught me about being brave about being different. We are like plants growing of small seeds into bigger plants and we are all different plants. But we all live in the same world! Thank you to Dr. Linda Hill for being my marvelous leadership teacher. Thank you!!


Note from Linda Hill: I am so honoured to have been mentioned in Anna’s speech! I encourage Inclusive Leaders everywhere to seek out, support and – if needed – help create events that include and honour the leadership potential of children and youth. Here is some background information about the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards in the Cowichan Region, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Originally founded by Leadership Vancouver Island participants in 2013, the Cowichan Valley Leaders of Tomorrow Awards is a volunteer recognition program recognizing youth age 6-24. The award gives individuals or community organizations the chance to publicly recognize the contributions of their youth volunteer leaders and commend them for their contributions. Today, the purpose of the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Program remains the same: to encourage award nominees to continue their involvement in volunteerism and leadership activities and acknowledge that all voluntary contributions are valuable to the community!)

Photos of a few more Inclusive Leaders who were recognized at the Leaders of Tomorrow Awards Ceremony. From left to right: Sierra Robinson, Stephen Finch, Emma Lentz, Elliot Scheiber.