Earth Charter Leadership Course

Submitted by Christine Lacayo, Earth Charter International

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Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics

The course will begin on 19 June and students will need to apply by Wednesday 17 May! This course is designed to train young people around the world, from the ages of 18-30, on how to become active leaders in their community towards a more just, sustainable, and ethical world.


Throughout the course, students will expand their knowledge and skills on certain themes such as leadership, ethics, sustainability, Earth Charter principles, Eco literacy, Systems Thinking, and how to successfully design and implement a workshop in their community.

Our goal at the end of the course is to successfully strengthen their knowledge and skills on leadership in sustainability, enhance their consciousness to contribute to the greater good, inspire like-minded individuals to collaborate across borders and to carry out their work in their communities, and develop the confidence to use their voice as a leader!

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“Earlier this year, I received a scholarship from the Inclusive Leadership Co-op to undergo Earth Charter’s “Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics” training for young leaders. The training had lots of impact on my leadership and advocacy path. It introduced me to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), new ways of thinking, and …even beyond that towards a more peaceful and sustainable future.” (Joshua Amponsem)