The Art of Compassionate Listening

Mireille van Bremen is an inclusive social artist from Slovenia who combines Inclusive Leadership and Creativity to effect change in communities. As a practitioner of Nonviolent Communication.

Mireille dreams of supporting people around the world to build cultures of empathy and inclusion. She demonstrates her commitment to building inclusive and empathic cultures in a unique way. Mireille engages in visual listening, auditory listening and empathic listening at the same time. She compassionately reflects back what she is understanding through graphic recording.

Mireille has been influenced every day by looking at a painting she created years ago that says: ‘I don’t search for my path, I create my own’.

She changed mid-career from leading the design department in an advertising agency, to being an inclusive, socially responsible entrepreneur.

“This way I can give more meaningfully to an audience I like to help and I can commit myself to contributing with my skills and experiences to communities who benefit from my kind of support.” 

In addition to graphic recording and facilitating meetings, Mireille empowers other leaders to develop their creativity and their visual and empathic listening skills through coaching and training.

Mireille truly understands that the term “facilitate” means “to make things easy for others to do.” She has created a free eBook with ready-made templates that trainers, facilitators, coaches and educators can easily use to integrate visual facilitation into their work. Her book is being used by leaders in over thirty countries on four continents.

Mireille says, “My visuals, even in my absence, support the facilitation of difficult conversations. Creativity is a natural force to move things up. When we listen empathically, we can meet in a place where the needs of us matter equally and we engage joyfully.”  For a copy of this great resource for connecting through compassionate, empathic visualization and graphics recording, go to:

Mireille can be contacted through:
WhatsApp: 00386-51804995 (Slovenian country code)