Diversity Poetry

Submitted by participants in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership, February 2017

We are all the same

Beauty in others

We are all the same

Encouraging others

Dreams become reality

Creating safe spaces

for sharing

for hope to grow

for adventure and courage

We are all the same

Don’t feed off my energy to create negativity

What can we do to protect our selves?

Healthy Boundaries

Full expression

Without fear of judgment

Make things beautiful and see beauty

by members of a Heart to Heart Grop at Cultivating Inclusive Leadership! Feb 2017

Be Different
by Anna Fairweather
Be Different, be Different,
be Different
Don’t judge yourself
Because you’re Different.
Just be Different.
I know no one looks the same but
Just act Different and
You will be Different.
Dare to be you
Being Different is cool.
You don’t have to act cool,
You just have to be Different.
Dare to be like you.
Just be Different
Because being Different is good.

Life is but a River by FP