Submitted by Linda Hill

I am forever grateful to women such as my Grandmother Audrey Jackson, journalist Nellie McClung and so many more Inclusive Leaders who were tireless is their advocacy for equal rights for women.

Here are a few quotations from The Valiant Nellie McClung, by Barbara Smith and Nellie McClung (2016).

“On October 18, 1929, the newspapers carried the black headline, “Privy Council Declares Women Are Persons.” (June, 1938)

“It is not enough to be able to explain things. We must cure them. We must turn sorrow into joy. We must turn enemies into friends.” (June, 1938)

“The world is one neighbourhood now. That is the penalty we pay for our advancement in science, invention, rapid transit, easy communication. We have to accept life as it is now. The day of indifference is over.” (January, 1940)

“We talk a lot about a new world and a new order but, we know in our hearts we cannot have a new world except by developing new people, and the school beginning at Grade One is our house of hope. There are terrible distractions to be met. Even children’s hearts today are vitiated with too much excitement and hysteria. Trying to teach moral values in this high-pitched atmosphere of battle, murder, and sudden death must be something like giving music lessons in a boiler factory. But it must be done and it can be done” (August, 1942)