Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

dsc_9128Fantastic feedback from the ILC’s Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Skill-Building Weekend!

Feb 24 to 26, 2017 60 wonderful people from diverse places, generations, cultures, leadership experiences and other backgrounds came to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

dsc_9066Participants represented a variety of: Schools, Universities, Youth Groups, Families, Government, Permaculture Communities, Faith Groups, First Nations, Inter-cultural Organizations, and NGO’s focused on Advocacy, Education, Leadership and the Environment.

img_4551We hope this blog post with quotes gleaned from the Feb 24-26, 2017 feedback forms will encourage you to sign up for our June 2 to 4, 2017 Annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering for 1, 2, or all 3 days.

dsc_9122“The choice of different workshops was awesome and amazing. Loved connecting and reconnecting with folks through discussion groups, games, activities, nature, jig-saw co-operative learning, co-facilitating of Inclusive Leadership skills and action planning.”

img_7024“I really enjoyed learning so much from meeting, interacting and sharing deeply with so many amazing people of all ages.” “Everyone came here from afar and near-by to learn and it showed in their attitudes.”

img_6987“I appreciated more exploration of compassionate listening.” “How to listen compassionately and give feedback in a more caring and constructive way.”

“Through daring to be different, I learned to love myself more for who I am.”

“I’ve developed more socializing skills that will last forever.” “I’ve learned different ways to explore how to include and create inclusive opportunities.”

“Very educational.” “Such a nice schedule.” “Everyone’s voice is heard and supported and welcomed.” “

img_6979 img_6981“Hocus-pocus-refocus!” “I learned awareness of diverse points of views.” “I loved that I was continually challenged in my perceptions of others and myself.”

img_6944“During an Anti-Discrimination First Aid workshop, the facilitator mentioned that when one is relaxed and feels safe their minds can open. Such a good reminder of how trauma can close minds and how to create spaces that allow for openness.”

dsc_9112“Loved the humour in the group of teachers/facilitators.” “I was so awed by the facilitators’ compassion and inclusiveness.”

dsc_9081“We will apply Inclusive Leadership skills in school, groups, clubs, and our day to day work and volunteer environments.”


“I will use the skills we have learned when facilitating community learning and groups such as heart to heart groups, support groups and workshops in a more open way, leaving space for more voices.” “I will teach using Inclusive Leadership Skills to organize teaching outcomes and goals.”

img_6991In our day-to-day lives, Inclusive leaders will spread contagious love by helping people express ideas with curiousity, exploration and hope instead of fear or shyness.” “I will practice using more compassionate communication.” “I will share this education with my kids. Learning from and with them.” “I will help my children learn about trusting people and showing love.”

img_6952“This was an incredibly well-delivered event.” “I don’t think it can get any better because it is already ‘better’. “