Climate Change and Peace


Joshua Amponsem

“I am very grateful to the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative for your support towards my participation in Earth Charter’s training on Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics.”  The ILC is proud to be sponsoring climate and environmental activist, Joshua Amponsem to join on-line with leaders from around the world who are preparing to implement Earth Charter-inspired action projects in their communities.

morroco-summitThe Earth Charter is the ILC’s global framework for our work preparing socially and environmentally responsible global citizens who are actively contributing toward a more sustainable and peaceful world.  Joshua became involved in the Earth Charter through his participation in the Fall 2016 UN Climate Summit in Morroco.

joshua4Joshua is the Africa Project Leader for Youth Climate Report and the Director of Green Africa Youth Organization (NGO devoted to climate advocacy, environmental protection, management and consultancy). “I am a speaker on indigenous knowledge and its role in solving some global crisis such as climate change and peace. I look forward to a more engaging time with Inclusive Leadership.”

joshua2Joshua aims to build bridges between international organizations, civil society activists and indigenous people in Ghana. Each group has valuable knowledge to share that will inspire climate action such as clean water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure. “In Ghana, we are losing our wetlands (especially, Mangrove wetlands) at an alarming rate despite the many projects carried out by conservation groups.”