Outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

earth-charter-102This is the 15th year that members of the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative have invited new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, and other backgrounds to participate in our annual Pro-D Day (Feb 24, 2017) or 3 day weekend (Feb 24-26, 2017) of experiential education in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership. 

As you consider this invitation you may be wondering about what the outcomes of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership might be for you and your group.

art-phipps-quoteI love these words from one of our co-facilitators, Art Phipps. One important outcome for the professionals, students, volunteers and other leaders who participate in our award-winning experiential education approach to Cultivating Inclusive Leadership is that we all become more and more aware of our own diversity and our own Inclusive Leadership potential. We become more and more aware that Inclusive Leaders are part of an international movement of millions and millions of people who are transforming ourselves and our communities in inclusive and welcoming ways by embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world. We all have vital roles to play in tending and befriending people and our planet.

img_1203-2Another outcome of cultivating Inclusive Leadership skills within the global frame-work of the international Earth Charter, is that it becomes clear that our diverse passions and concerns about protecting  eco-systems, standing up for human rights, improving health and education, sustainable living, peace-building, community-building, social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice are all interconnected. Together we can forge inclusive solutions.

31lInclusive Leadership is a crash course on community and possibility that I love being part of. I’ve been trying to work Inclusive Leadership skills into everything I do with Youth Groups; and trying on ways of facilitating modeled by many Inclusive Leaders. Every time I do that, I see a glimpse of possibility – even if it’s brief – of the compassionate world we are trying to create. (Moss Dance, Youth Worker, Campbell River, BC).

Participants in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership develop skills, awareness and action plans for thinking globally and acting locally to strengthen, enrich and sustain the local places that we live, play, learn, work, and volunteer in inclusive and welcoming ways. Here are some examples of successful outcomes that have grown out of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership:

  • community-building and international-exchange projects in many different countries around the world
  • many great anti-racism, anti-bullying, co-operative learning and inclusive community-building initiatives that have involved thousands of children, youth and adults in building welcoming and inclusive schools and communities.
  • youth and adults working together on behalf of equal, respectful and peaceful relationships between women and men and between people of diverse sexual and gender orientations
  • many different inclusive and welcoming support groups. leadership groups, diversity education groups and alliances
  • inclusive and welcoming permaculture, community-gardens, healthy food and environmental conservation projects.
  • relaxed inclusive learning environments in which everyone experiences belonging, relaxation, and opportunities to develop growth mind-sets.
  • employees working together to develop inclusive cultures based on respect and co-operation
  • counsellors and outreach workers connecting with and supporting individuals who are struggling to become re-engaged and re-connected to the common bonds that make us stronger and brighter in caring for people and the planet.

“Inclusive Leadership is a new paradigm built on trust, value, desire for change, vision and confidence to make that change.” (Charlyne Smilinski, Instructor, College of New Caledonia Vanderhoof, BC)