De-Stressing Learning Environments

destressing-titleHeadway – Victoria, BC, Canada’s Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre and the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative recently teamed up with each other and with a dynamic group of educators, parents and volunteers for a day-long exploration of: 

  • img_6187How can our homes and our classrooms become relaxed, inclusive learning environments for all students and all educators – including teachers and parents?
  • How can educators, educational assistants, and parents support all students – including students with epilepsy and other chronic health conditions – to feel equally welcomed to belong, to learn, and to contribute?

We could write a book on all that we learned together! And so we did. Click here to read and download the book we collaboratively wrote together during our “De-Stressing the Learning Environment” Workshop: the-art-of-de-stressing-learning-environments.

Participants gave rave reviews for our “De-Stressing the Learning Environment” Workshop which is based on fifteen years of Participatory Action Research at the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative and on the research of Dr. Carol Dweck!  Contact the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative: inclusiveleaders(at) for information on bringing this workshop and other De-stressing Diversity Workshops to your Professional Development Day or to your school, workplace, organization, or community setting. And be sure to register for our upcoming Cultivating Inclusive Leadership Professional Development Day, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, February 24, 2017

“Simply the best workshop. I really enjoyed myself! Thank you!”

“Facilitators were very well prepared and the presentation had a wonderful pace.”

“Very informative, interesting and with practical things we could do with the concepts and ideas of “on-off of the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems”, “growth mindset”, “appreciative inquiry”, “self-care”, “de-stressing”.

“All the information was very useful to make connections and find some answers of questions that I’ve made myself regarding education and humanity.”

“The only suggestion I have is for you to publicize your workshops even more for educators!”

“Continue developing these kinds of workshops and share them with all the professionals that work with the children that are becoming the future generation in this world!”