Inclusive Leaders from Canim Lake BC

img_1221Outreach worker, Stanley Daniels, and a team of youth leaders from Canim Lake in the Shuswap Territory of BC, Canada will be participating in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership February 24 to 26, 2017. Canim Lake has been sending intergenerational groups of youth and mentors to Inclusive Leadership weekends since 2003.

In a blog post from 2015, Stanley shared what Inclusive Leadership means to him.  “Even though we are all different, we share a common theme of wanting to belong and having gifts to offer to one another. We all matter. Inclusive Leadership has given me the skills and motivation to do the work that not a lot of people can do. I can connect with people who would otherwise be cast aside; people who mainstream society has left behind or tossed away. I have helped people who have no one to go to. I have been told that I have saved lives, just by being there when no one else was.”

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Inclusive Leadership Skill-Building weekend 2015


The skill of relaxing flows underneath all aspects of Inclusive Leadership.

February 24 to 26, Stanley and his team from Canim Lake will be participating and sharing leadership with new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse generations, cultures, and other backgrounds. Together we are all cultivating skills, awareness and action plans for building welcoming, inclusive and sustainable communities. Inclusive Leadership is for professionals, students, and volunteers  who are passionate about social diversity and biodiversity.  Participants can register for one day: Friday, February 24 from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm or for the full weekend Friday Feb 24 to Sunday, Feb 26. 


Myron, Chloe and Lillian are three young leaders from Canim Lake who plan to participate in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership in 2017