Spotlight on Inclusive Community-Building

img_6359Submitted by Lisandre Gendron-Boilart (2nd from the left in this photo).

“I encourage passionate people to organize a small group of youth and adults to participate  together in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership February 24 to 26, 2017. img_5761-2I know it will play a big part in the social growth and development of your community. You will bring home knowledge, skills, and tools for shifting your community toward equality and social justice. A strong sense of being a welcoming and inclusive community will bud and prosper greatly.

I would love to be part of Cultivating Inclusive Leadership February 24 to 26, 2017 but I am currently in Australia! I love getting these e-mails and posting on the ILC website because it always reminds me in a roundabout way to keep on traveling that Inclusive road. Always remember that no matter how many different nationalities, religions and ideologies, we can always find a way to connect with and through those differences and have a great time.”


Lisandre hiking in Queenstown, New Zealand

img_5646Lisandre’s identity as an Inclusive Leader was given a big boost when she was in High School, because the Government of BC’s Organizing Against Racism and Hate Program funded her to participate in Cultivating Inclusive Leadership several years in a row. Once or twice each year Lisandre and other youth and adults from the Powell River Diversity Initiative travelled from Powell River BC to Vancouver Island, BC to develop awareness, skills, and action plans for exploring and embracing diversity.  Lisandre’s most recent Inclusive Leadership Adventure was in February 2015. We look forward to sharing leadership with Lisandre again when she returns to Canada.



Powell River Diversity Initiative has produced a number of community-based diversity education films including the powerful 50 minute video: Defining Diversity, Creating Community. Defining Diversity illustrates how crucial Powell River’s diversity is to building and maintaining a vibrant, healthy community where all feel accepted and may contribute to the well-being of the community.

Click here to watch the Defining Diversity trailer.

Click here to watch the complete Defining Diversity  video.