Spotlight on Christy Tweedy

tweedy-photoChristy Tweedy is an Inclusive Leader living in Athens, Georgia, USA. We are sharing this news from Christy on her October 29, 2016 wedding day. Best wishes to Christy and Shawn! Christy wrote:

“I am continuing to follow up on my Inclusive Leadership in action steps and maintain focus on my food recovery programs while doing outreach. I’ve been working to start more food recovery efforts in my rural community in the state of Georgia. Recently, I joined many others to talk about Food Waste and Senior Hunger at the Senior Hunger Summit in Atlanta. We had state senators, department of Human Services, Department of Family and Child Services, and many other state and local agencies come together to discuss food access for our senior populations. All great things that bring me lots of joy, purpose, and inspiration.”

“In my meditations I often get pieces of wisdom John Scull and Linda Hill have shared with me–
the importance of being kind, equal, respectful, and inclusive. In mindful, compassionate, and inclusive interactions no one is left behind or put down.. No imbalance is made. Your wisdom provides me with strength and ability to continue on. Thank you for sharing your words, knowledge, and home with me. It brings me joy and has been helpful on my path. I look forward to providing that same inspiration to others by living more compassionately and lovingly.”

“Please extend my love to all those on Vancouver island, BC. I miss the island and the special people (and flora and fauna) on it immensely.”