Changing the world from the inside out

1Inclusive Leaders gathered June 3 to 5, 2016 to explore, share, and celebrate the multitude of ways individuals and groups are transforming communities by embracing diversity. Linda Hill and Kirsten Gellein spent some time gathering insights from a few of the 90 participants. IMG_1342“Be aware of all who are present. Accept without judgement.” (Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba of Mbira Spirit and Zimbabwe Music Society)

IMG_4499“The essence of Inclusive Leadership is respect for and acknowledgement of the diverse needs of all sentient beings.” (Severius Giles, Volunteer with Cowichan Intercultural Society’s On Common Ground Anti-Racism Project).

IMG_4510“Inclusive Leadership means being here and being myself” (Pamela Joe, Student and Explorer)

IMG_4505“Inclusive Leadership is seeing everyone.”  Rod Keays, Author of The Naturally Good Man also teaches that “The need for obsessively competitive behaviour is over…Males are completing one task of their role and the time to find a new sense of purpose is already here.”

IMG_4488“Be present in what you do.” (Danissa Hogg-Campeau world traveller, and very present Mom to daughter Phoebe)

IMG_4493“Inclusive Leaders help everyone have a voice that is heard by creating circles of empowerment, not triangles of power-over. ” (Amy and Malanya Hanson, Two Generations of Community Leaders)

IMG_4513“Inclusive Leadership means trying to become a better person – for your community.” (Moses Gilbert, Student and Athlete)

IMG_4495“Failure is a first attempt at learning. Being told “No” is your next opportunity. When things break you down remember that two negatives equal a positive. Differences are gifts.” (Faith Lindley, Student and Philosopher)

IMG_0210“By becoming involved in Inclusive Leadership, I have found that I am in my element and that element is water. I am flowing water, finding myself through dance. By discovering myself, I can begin leading the ones who are lost.” (Joey Seward. Student and Dancer)

IMG_4527“Empathy and non-judgement starts with ourselves.” (Janice and Felix M, A mother and son who are strong and gentle compassionate communicators)

IMG_4517“Always include people. Bring everyone into everything.” (Henry Blaney, Student, Carver, Community Leader.)


“Calmly stay grounded while connecting hearts.” (Katie Sayer, President of Leadership Vancouver Island. Gillian Berry, Teacher and Counsellor)