The Co-operative Movement and Peace

9018942Here is an opportunity to learn with and from Joy Emmanuel, an extra-ordinarily co-operative Inclusive Leader. Joy is a well-known co-operative developer, researcher and educator who has worked on Co-operative projects from the local to the international level. Her June 28 workshop at the Vancouver Island, BC Inclusive Leadership Gathering will be on Co-operatives and Peace.  Joy’s workshops about various aspects of the Co-operative Movement are always participatory, interactive, informative and enlightening. Everyone who participates is in for a transformational learning experience.

Click here for more information about registering for Joy’\s workshop and other workshops and activities during the June 27, 28, and 29, 2015 Inclusive Leadership Gathering at Cowichan Lake Education Centre, Vancouver Island, BC.

August 2014 ILG (125)

Joy Emmanuel far right

Joy’s approach to co-operative development is solidly based on research into how co-operatives can develop socially and environmentally responsible organizational and business practices. Much of this research is her own. From 2005 to 2009, Joy was one of the lead researchers and educators at the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies, University of Victoria. Since 2009, Joy has continued to conduct research, teach and develop co-operatives within her “Turning Times Research and Consulting Business.”  The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative is one of many co-operatives Joy has helped develop over the years.

August 2014 ILG (124)

Joy with other ILC members at the AGM in 2014

This past few months, Joy has been editing a book on co-operatives and peace While writing, Joy has been noting the many parallels between the Co-operative Movement and Inclusive Leadership practices.. “Education within the co-operative movement is very much around how to embrace values such as equality, caring for others, solidarity and social responsibility. Inclusive Leadership is also about living these values and has developed a strong practice for how to empower people to make positive choices and bringing that out into the world to help meet a collective desire for a more peaceful, just, sustainable world.” (Letter to the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative, 2015)

tiny townFor Joy, Co-operative values and Inclusive Leadership practices and are integrated into all aspects of community life. Joy is currently creating a “Tiny Earth Village Network” to encourage the development of small scale, intentional communities. Her dream is to combine affordability and respect for the environment in a co-operative, community setting.