Facilitating and Mentoring Inclusive Leadership

IMG_1223What was the impact of thirty-five people from diverse cultures, generations and other backgrounds participating in three days of experiential education in Facilitating and Mentoring Inclusive Leadership. April 22 to 24, 2015?

One immediate outcome was that twenty participants went on to to co-facilitate the Youth and Community Convergence at OUR Ecovillage April 25 to 26 described in last week’s post. Other practical outcomes were the action plans participants made on how to integrate Inclusive Leadership practices into their organizations, schools, programs, projects, events, personal goals and career goals. As participant Annette Lampson said, “Thank you so much for the wonderful Inclusive Leadership Training last week. It continues to resonate through my days in mysterious, powerful ways. Usually with these intense retreats, it kinda stays in one’s head, and not so much in one’s deeds and mindset, but not with this: I truly see every day and every gathering I am at with different eyes. I was able to carry this into my teaching as well.”

IMG_4834Here are a few more comments about the impact of taking part in experiential education in Facilitating and Mentoring Inclusive Leadership.

  • I appreciated.The variety of activities to introduce us to one another…guidance towards developing an action plan – a great start to the process…The atmosphere of inclusion…
  • DSC_0906I appreciated all the planning that the IL facilitators did to make this such a joyful, growthful event…The depth of knowledge and passion around the material of the leadership team…Very fluid team work amongst facilitators… the safe and inviting community to be immersed in for a workshop that unites people from all networks… – acceptance, safety and comfortability…Having fun intergenerationally…music…Heat to Heart Groups…Having fun and connecting with new and wonderful human beings
  • IMG_1203I learned...a step by step action plan for Building Bridges… new and inspiring community building/connecting processes. I learned… that we are all beautiful so don’t judge… gathering activities are key in networking and in building. … I learned…about Involving different options for different learners/abilities…the only thing holding me back is my attitude and energy.,..I learned about the diversity of our youth…I learned ways of ensuring participants are supported to get to know one another……I IMG_1187learned about Intention – the power of it…This experience reinforced concepts around including everyone in community…how to care for myself and love myself….Self care is needed to sustain me so that I can live compassion…To build positive relationships with others I must have a positive relationship with myself…compassionate communication.
  • I am going home withnetworking models DSC_1059and techniques…New methods of building bonds in gathering people together through fun and laughter…an action plan…The opportunity to consider how to carry forward my personal mission and use my history…….Relationships…open-ness…more control of my emotions…new games for group cohesion …happiness …. compassionate communication skills….

“This type of leadership development is what the world needs more of.”