The Impact On My Life After All These Years

1378707_646188332087475_2055837202_n (2)Stanley Daniels is a Youth Worker and Life-Skills Worker in Canim Lake BC.

Stanley recently wrote to us to inquire about Inclusive Leadership events coming up in 2015. “I attended one of your Inclusive Leadership Adventures a very long time ago. After all these years it still has impact on my life. I would be very interested in bringing youth to your program.” We were delighted hear from Stanley and invited him to write more about the impact of Inclusive Leadership on his life since 2005.   mar 2005 024 (640x480)

Thinking back to 2005, I remember the feeling of peace, serenity, belonging and kindness. It was the beginning of understanding and appreciating what Inclusion meant; That even though we are all different, we share a common theme of wanting to belong and having gifts to offer to one another.

Inclusive Leadership has definitely helped shape who I am as a person, and what I value in another person. I have learned to look at another person beyond their titles, status, race, or any other difference. It certainly developed a true leadership principle of inclusion and contribution as well as acceptance.

In my work as a Youth Worker and Life Skills Worker, it has made me understanding and accepting as well as approachable. I am much more willing to work as a team mate as well as be a strong independent leader who can ask more from my team because I know they have something to contribute. I learned that we all matter and so it has given me the motivation to do the work that not a lot of people can do. I can connect with people who would otherwise be cast aside; people who mainstream society has left behind or tossed away. I have helped people who have no one to go to. I have been told that I have saved lives, just by being there when no one else was.

The ability to recognize and value peoples’ individuality was planted at Inclusive Leadership Adventures, and I am still grateful to this day. It placed me on a path to self realization and strong personal development and growth. I have put my heart and soul into everything I do for my community. I have worked tirelessly to put on many projects and work with many people, all of which would not be possible without a strong personal foundation of inclusion, acceptance, understanding and resilience.

I hope that Inclusive Leadership Adventures will give another Youth the head start it gave me. I want another person to discover the value and gifts they hold within themselves. I really believe being involved with Inclusive Leadership Adventures makes a difference. Developing youth so that they understand that they matter, and have gifts and can lead others to this teaching is a real worthwhile investment; and what I know to be the outcome of this training.

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