Inclusive Leadership in Action in San Diego

Christy Tweedy art in the park“People chose to sit down and connect with us. Chose to be accepted. Chose to be viewed as being enough. To sit and embrace their inner creative. To share their uniqueness and gifts. To be present with themselves and others. That is what community building is to me. That is healing. That is connection. That is my passion.”

Inclusive Leader, Christy Tweedy returned to San Diego after spending the summer in Canada exploring inclusive community building, organic farming, and connecting with nature.  Art in the Park is only one of many, many ways she is involved in forging inclusive solutions since coming home. Click here to read her blog.

IMG_0316Christy has been an Inclusive Leader within the Community Inclusion movement for many years. She has spent much of her career creatively helping people who have become socially isolated develop circles of connection, support, and friendship in their neighbourhoods and wider communities.  Her journey that began with the Summer Institute for Inclusion, community and diversity in Toronto, coincidentally ended with the Inclusive Leadership Gathering on Vancouver Island!  She left Canada brimming with Inclusive Leadership skills,  inclusive community building ideas and action plans for Building Bridges steps to welcoming and inclusive events and projects in San Diego.

We look forward to following Christy’s blog as she shares more stories about connecting with differences, communicating with compassion, standing up for inclusion and Building Bridges of welcome based on accepting the magnificent diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich our world.

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