A few emails about the Inclusive Leadership Gathering

Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba wrote:We were sure humbled by being invited to be part of this Inclusive Leaders gathering and would like to thank the organizers and the beautiful souls that were part of this fabulous event! Thank you all for being who you are and understanding that we are all one! Such a positive and powerful experience!”  (And thank YOU to Amy and Tafadzwa of Mbira Spirit for posting beautiful photos and thoughtful comments that give a glimpse of our Inclusive Leadership Gathering.  Click here to take a look.)

Harriet Greenwood wrote: “A million thanks. Profound learning and change.”

Thank you so much… a special thank you to MSJ Society for your sponsorship and to Cowichan Intercultural Society and the Vancouver Island Network for Organizing Against Racism and Hate for their contribution…..  truly making the world a better place!” (April Vance)

“Wow – where to start?  The short time we spent with the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative community and O.U.R. Ecovillage had a really restoring and calming effect on us. … Really well facilitated and relevant.  I loved the variety as a great introduction to some core Inclusive Leadership concepts. I was just so in awe of it all.  Great people, great topics, heartfelt conversations.  I want to come back next year for sure” Janice Milnerwood

“How much I learned from the people I met and the workshops I attended! One of my favorite parts of the day were the heart to heart groups and end of the day circles because it nice to see and hear everyone’s genuine interest and appreciation of the diversity others and themselves brought to the group.Natasha Nash

“It was so amazing …The connection that this community has developed is priceless.” Tara Jordan.




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